"You're caught in time but time moves on. You can't remember people coming or leaving. The world diminishes around you while you're stuck in the center. All of your old friends either leave or die and you can't make new ones. You can't love. You can't hate."

"It's like being killed. Wiped out deleted against your will."

"Because that's what time does. It takes the little pieces. The insignificant ones first, and then it sneaks the significant ones...
But then by the time you do realize it, they'll be gone, and you won't know what's missing until- "

"You don't deserve to... see daisies wither"

"You can remember tomorrow. I'll remember all of our yesterdays."

"So I wanted to play a hero. Let myself be forgotten, to save you from all the yesterdays and leave you with all the tomorrows but... then i heard that i had pneumonia. It wasn't six months. I had three weeks. Maybe four. And I cracked. Being stuck with the yesterdays while you moved on without me suddenly wasn't all that appealing anymore and- really, I'm sorry.
I lied. I'm not a hero. Just a coward."

"I'm on borrowed time. How much do you think the interest is?"
소리없이 눈물만 흘리고

choi siwon.

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adorable hyukkie!! ಥ‿ಥ 

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Ryeowook’s new twitter page header and bio message~

"H.E.N.R.Y ♥♥♥♥♥"

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sehun gonna say exo in songs for the rest of his life

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lean on me!

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When Kyu was in 4th Grade,he wrote a letter to adam n drew adam with a tree, kyu wrote adam: ‘aigoo looks yummy’.

Adam who once lived in Eden was chased out of Eden because he ate a forbidden fruit. Man who worked at night, your waist must have hurt. It must have been very nice to stay at Eden right? Please give me strength because it seems that I have not been successful in every single thing that i have done. If only I could live in Eden too… Be with the boys in a place where there is no pain and not being able to die, don’t need to do work anymore, eat fruits and rear animals…That saying “You are very good in playing your instrument” If only I’m good at playing instruments too that will be nice…
That’s all…

cr: OurGyuhyun

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i’m a beautiful boy~♪♫

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Let me introduce you to SJ’s most normal member, Lee Sungmin.

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kris at my family dinner. i say, “daddy pass the mashed potatoes.” kris and my dad reach for the potatoes at the same time.

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overhearing people talking about something u like


hearing that they talkin shit


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When you answer someone with sarcasm and they get really offended.


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making plans with friends like


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